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Brighton Festival

Brighton Festival is well and truly here! 

I love the Brighton Festival and Fringe Festival.

There's so many interesting and unique things to see and do.

The main highlight for me is definitely the Open Houses - seeing beautiful art and craft in often gorgeous, quirky houses is a really great way to see and buy contemporary art and craft. And even if the work is not your cup of tea it's fun snooping around some of the lovely houses in Brighton and beyond!

I went to a lovely rural open house in Ditchling last weekend (thehandmadehouse) which included a secret house you accessed by a 5 minute walk through a winding woodland trail opening up at a clearing where a lovely little house had been constructed using recycled wood - it even included a brass bed and a neat wood stove - very cute! The fire pit and wooden swinging chair outside completed the idyllic refuge.

I also went to a contemporary circus last night called Cirkopolis. It was probably the most amazing circus I have ever seen and included some really clever acts. I've popped a link below as it's worth checking out!

Anyway, if you're heading off to the Festival have a great time and I hope you see some brilliant and unforgettable things!

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