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Beautiful Florence!

 I've just arrived back from a wonderful trip to Florence - recharged and inspired by the architectural wonders over there!

The 'Duomo', the cathedral in the centre of the city has to be one of the most beautiful and imposing buildings I have ever seen - it's dome towers over the city, sitting on top of a huge rectangle shaped church covered from head to toe in intricate mosaic-ed marble. Set amongst this marble you find statues of saints dotted, and enormous round stained glass windows.

Almost every corner you turn in Florence you stumble into open squares which are surrounded by stunning palazzos and churches.

And then there is the Ponte Vecchio - a famous bridge housing the cities most established jewellery shops. Including some of the worlds most famous Italian jewellery designers, these showrooms also sell artisan jewellery made in traditional Italian styles. Not always to my taste (usually a bit over the top for me!) but always fascinating in design and skill involved.

I thought I'd share some of my photos with you below. If you ever get the chance to visit - snap it up!

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