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Fair trade and Recycled


Andrea has a passion for using recycled and sustainable materials where possible, maintaining affordable prices and without compromising design integrity.

Andreas designs are made using recycled silver, wherever possible.

Many of the gold rings are made using recycled gold which is melted down and re-shaped.

The Pre-loved collection re-uses gemstones and metals from original pieces of jewellery, making each piece completely unique.

Andrea aims to be as environmentally friendly as possible in her workshop practice, using green electricity and non harmful chemicals in her processing.


 Although the Jewellery Industry has a long way to go in terms of supplying ethically produced raw materials there are some positives, and it is changing –


90% of silver used within the jewellery casting industry is recycled.


Many casting companies also offer 100% recycled and gold services.


Raw fair-traded materials are now readily available in 18ct gold and some in 9ct gold.


Andreas stone dealers have to abide by the Kimberley Process, put in place to ensure traceability of diamonds and gemstones to particular mines.

However because stones change hands so many times on their journey to the UK, the only way to guarantee a completely sustainable stone is to use one of the few gemstone dealers which specifically offer this service. This usually applies to larger stones only, as small stones are exported in such huge numbers it is almost impossible to trace a single stone back to its origin.

Please ask if you would like a piece of jewellery made with a 100% traceable fair mined gemstone.

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