• Andrea

Beautiful Open Houses!

Wow, I've been really inspired this last weekend with a morning's visit to some of Brighton Festivals many amazing Open Houses.

Myself and City Girl at Heart (http://www.citygirlatheart.com) managed to fit in 5 houses - all completely different with diverse artwork from huge houses in Hove (Wilbury Gardens and Hove Park Villas) to a bijoux flat in West Hove.

There was outside sculpture (see pic below) interesting jewellery (www.katieweiner.com for example who uses sparkly vintage finds to make into unique necklaces) and inspiring paintings.

My favourite had to be Kitty Finegan's (http://www.kittyfinegan.com) 50's influenced pop prints with their gorgeous colours and cheeky content!

I came away with renewed enthusiasm to create some new and exciting work. I wonder if I can fit in some more next weekend....

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