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New limited edition Leela necklace

Updated: Feb 23, 2018

Back in September I sourced some beautiful silver beads and catches from an Indian bead seller at the International Jewellery London trade fair.

I've been thinking about how to incorporate them in to my Indian inspired 'Leela' range. I was also keen to use some more colour within the piece, so I decided to pair these lovely findings with some gorgeous delicate burgundy coloured garnet, and some lovely laboradite beads which I also came across at the same fair. Adding the diamond set Leela pendant on the end of the piece finishes it off beautifully. With it's mix of semi-precious beads and ethnic style beads, along with a stunning diamond it is a necklace which you could wear either every day, or to dress up for an evening out. Perfect!

The only problem is that I only have enough to make two necklaces so once they've gone they've gone!

Check out this gorgeous necklace on my 'Leela' collection page.

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