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New Collection Summer 2020

Work has taken a backseat lately!

But after a bit of a rest (and helping the kids with homeschooling during lockdown) I've used the time to design a new collection.

Named 'Sundar' (meaning 'beautiful' in Hindi) it is inspired by a pair of tiny delicate bangles from India which my mum bought in the 1980's. Using these as a template I had them cast so I can cut and reform the pieces to make into ear studs, rings, bangles and even as small pieces on necklaces.

I had an idea that I wanted to create a delicate and fresh collection using colours evoking the sea, and these intricate patterns lend themselves beautifully to that!

Even if we've not all been able to get away on that beach holiday this year perhaps this gorgeous collection will help you to escape there in your imagination!

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