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Amazing hats at Brighton's Royal Pavilion!

I recently visited the Stephen Jones hat exhibition at the Royal Pavilion.

Milliner to the stars, Jones counts celebrities such as Lady Gaga and Mick Jagger amongst his clients, plus members of the royal family. He has also worked with prominent fashion houses like Dior over his long career, as well as designing his own seasonal collections.

I was wowed by the sheer exuberance of some of the hats and also the beauty and subtlety of how they were made. From understated ultimately wearable hats to outrageously huge and wacky, they have the perfect setting at the Pavilion with it's opulent and beautiful decor.

My favourite room was the dining room where the hats had been laid out on stands around the table as if the wearers were actually there but invisible.

The exhibition is only on until the end of April so hurry down to Brighton for a look!

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