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London Inspiration

I had a rare day out at some London galleries and shops this week. I thought I'd let you know what I got up to!

First stop was Contemporary Applied Arts in Southwark Street, where you'll find an amazing showcase of crafts made by top British designers, ranging from jewellery to ceramics and furniture. I was there to see the beautiful delicate sculptures by Laura Youngson-Coll, made from vellum and leather which has been stretched and rolled until almost paper thin.

I then popped into a stunning venue right in the centre of the city near Bank, situated inside a church (St. Edmond in the city) to see, amongst other things, the intricate sculptures by Tessa Farmer using desiccated insects. Sounds macabre, but they are so detailed and interesting you just have to look more closely.

Last stop was Liberty's to catch up with latest designer jewellers work and also to indulge my love for their haberdashery department! 

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