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Lisbon Inspiration!

As all of my Instagram followers will know, I've just spent an exciting and interesting weekend in Lisbon. It's a beautiful city - full of gorgeous buildings, picturesque squares and delicious custard tart shops!

The decorative tiles in particular grabbed my attention - some in pristine condition adorning historic buildings; some falling into disrepair on the walls in alley ways - no two designs the same.

The Calouste Gulbenkian Museum was inspiring. Over his lifetime Gulbenkian collected many artworks from around the world including chinese vases and persian rugs. The star in the gallery however is the Lalique collection filled with amazing glass and enamelled and gem encrusted jewellery, and design sketches - stunning.

My i-phone photos below don't really do any of these things justice, but I hope you enjoy looking at them!

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