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Jessica Zoob Jewellery Collection

I'm very excited to be launching a new collection of jewellery in collaboration with the internationally renowned, Lewes based painter Jessica Zoob.

Contemporary impressionist painter Jessica trained at Central School of Art and exhibits her work regularly both in the UK and worldwide. Rendered in oils, acrylics and materials such as glass, cement and sand to add structure, Zoob’s paintings create bright new worlds rich in imagination yet gently infused by emotion.

ROMO Black Edition have skilfully recreated Jessica's paintings for an exclusive collection of digitally printed fabrics, wall coverings and fabrics.

I've combined these wonderful fabrics with bespoke handmade silver pieces to produce a range of gorgeous, often limited edition jewellery.

Click onto the Jessica Zoob Collection section on my website to see the results.

Why not check out Jessica's and Romo's beautiful website while you're at it....

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