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From paper to metal - new designs revealed.... February 24 2015

My new collection is finally nearly ready for launching. Just few finishing touches before photography session next week, then I can show you the results!

In the meantime here's some design drawings and some part finished pieces on the bench to whet your appetite!

Valentine Inspiration! February 07 2015

It's that time of year again - time to indulge and celebrate your special someone. Here's just a few ideas to get you started...

The colour of the year is Marsala, so how about embracing that with my new coloured Swoosh earrings in a sumptuous deep rich red resin?

Or sticking with red hues, the gorgeous hammered ring set with a ruby - so delicate with a splash of colour....

If you'd prefer all silver have a browse of my  or Swoosh 2 collections.

Or I can always make something unique for you. Have a look at my bespoke collection for ideas!

If completely stuck for ideas, how about a gift voucher?

Marsala Magic! January 23 2015

It's official - the colour of 2015 is 'Marsala' a beautiful rich deep red burgundy.

According to Adorn, London, the jewellery and accessories blog, and The Guardian Style magazine, these are the hues to be seen wearing this year. Read this article for more -

I've always loved these shades (also reminiscent of India, which is probably why!) and I'm excited about combining some delicious garnets and rubies into my collections. They work especially well in yellow and rose gold.

Indian inspiration. January 14 2015

I've always held a fascination for Indian surface patterns and motifs. As I mentioned in my last blog post I've been looking at traditional India henna hand tattoos as well as at patterns on sarees and Indian jewellery. So where better than to visit London's 'Little India' to soak up up Indian culture and spend time browsing the jewellery and fabric shops?

Next stop was the V & A where I had a lovely afternoon perusing the South Asian galleries and of course the amazing Jewellery gallery. Here's a couple of pieces which inspired me - delicate gold filigree and granulated (tiny soldered balls of gold) jewellery and textiles from the Mughal empire - gorgeous!

Autumn News October 10 2014

Well, Autumn is definitely here!

Inspired by the falling leaves I'm in the middle of expanding my 'Swoosh' collections to include simple rose gold earrings and necklaces.

I've also designed a new collection of gorgeous little hammered rings (which I'm calling 'Dainty' rings) These are perfect worn alone or stacked with other rings and are available in silver, oxidised silver and rose gold with or with out tiny flush set gems - very cute!

New Designs... March 25 2014

I'm very excited because I've finally had my new designs photographed, with lifestyle shots as well as studio shots by the talented Catherine Benson and Sarah Weal (

We spent a great morning in the beautiful Southover Grange Gardens with my stunning model Mahalia, getting some lovely shots - some of which you will see very soon on the website. I'll keep you posted on that!

I've expanded my 'Swoosh' collection and also my new 'Remnant' collection - gorgeous jewellery made using off-cuts of fabric combined with silver.

I've attached a couple of photos to give you a taste of the full range of new this space for more...

Inspirations this week... January 29 2014

Things I'm inspired by so far this week.....

Pinterest - I've had a little more time to indulge on Pinterest this week and I've found some gorgeous images of nature as well as some lovely things people have made.

Red gold - I love this sumptuous coloured metals, especially in act which allows the lovely copper tones to shine through. I've added a new 9ct red gold ring to my Hammered collection, set with a beautiful shiny pink garnet. Image below!

Jessica Zoob's ( beautiful fabrics, taken from some of her most popular painting collections...

And finally, my new Swoosh collection is coming together nicely. I'll post some images up soon....

Happy New Year! January 07 2014

After a what seems like a long break at Christmas I'm looking forward to getting back into my workshop (with the heaters on of course!)

What I'm planning for the next few months -

Exciting New Designs, including expanding some of my current collections.

A Website Revamp - I'll be discontinuing some collections to make room for some of my new designs mentioned above. I'll also be aiming to make it more interactive, showing my news/blogs more prominently and offering you a chance to comment and interact more easily with me. I'll also be introducing more links to other beautiful websites as well as interesting bloggers.

The British Craft Trade Fair - I'll be exhibiting at this prestigious trade fair in Harrogate in April, giving me an opportunity to show my jewellery to gallery owners who may not have been lucky enough to see it before!

So its going to be a busy year and of course I'll keep you updated!


Happy New Year!

Unique Christmas Gift Ideas Week on City Girl At Heart. November 11 2013

 My lovely friend, and blogger about interesting and gorgeous things, 'City Girl At Heart' ( has invited fellow bloggers and independant online stores to contribute their gift ideas for Christmas every day this week. She has a particular interest in the handmade and creative so expect to see some really unique things....

As far as my own jewellery is concerned I have several suggestions for Christmas presents -

For her - you can't go wrong with something from my Leela collection ( - feminine and Indian inspired there is a range of earrings, necklaces and bracelets in this collection to suit most tastes!

For him - how about one of my collection of cufflinks? I particularly love the Target cufflinks (

Bespoke - Or how about having something made for that special person in your life? Check out my Bespoke collection ( for ideas, like this delicate 18ct yellow gold and yellow sapphire ring below...

Why don't you pop over to City Girl At Heart's website to see other inspiring gift ideas.

Happy shopping!


Beautiful new Fabric bracelets... October 21 2013

You may have read about and seen my new textile work on my facebook page?

I've been looking for a way to combine my love for textiles and jewellery for awhile now and I've eventually created these gorgeous fabric bracelets made from either recycled or scrap pieces of beautiful fabrics with added silver chain and Indian beads. Complete with handmade silver catches.

It's a bit of a departure from my usual work but it still contains my love for colour and silver...

I've attached an image below. Let me know what you think!

So far they are only available on Folksy (link attached), but I'll be adding them to here very soon...

Bespoke Bliss July 22 2013

 I've had some really lovely bespoke work recently, including an interesting remake of a silver and peridot necklace from the nineties which needed updating.

One of the things I love about what I do is designing and creating pieces to commission when it is a complete surprise for the recipient, for example birthday or anniversary present which I've been commissioned to make by a loved one. It's a nice feeling being in on the secret knowing that I'm creating a special piece just for that person without their knowledge!

Just this week I have made a beautiful purple Star Sapphire and Amethyst pendant in silver, with matching ear studs for a 70th birthday. Luckily I'll actually be at the event this time so I'll be able to see them opened!

 I've popped a photo below of the ear studs for you to see.

Beautiful Florence! June 24 2013

 I've just arrived back from a wonderful trip to Florence - recharged and inspired by the architectural wonders over there!

The 'Duomo', the cathedral in the centre of the city has to be one of the most beautiful and imposing buildings I have ever seen - it's dome towers over the city, sitting on top of a huge rectangle shaped church covered from head to toe in intricate mosaic-ed marble. Set amongst this marble you find statues of saints dotted, and enormous round stained glass windows.

Almost every corner you turn in Florence you stumble into open squares which are surrounded by stunning palazzos and churches.

And then there is the Ponte Vecchio - a famous bridge housing the cities most established jewellery shops. Including some of the worlds most famous Italian jewellery designers, these showrooms also sell artisan jewellery made in traditional Italian styles. Not always to my taste (usually a bit over the top for me!) but always fascinating in design and skill involved.

I thought I'd share some of my photos with you below. If you ever get the chance to visit - snap it up!