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Stand out from the crowd with a bespoke wedding ring. March 25 2013

 Who said wedding rings have to be the quiet counterpart to the engagement ring?

With wedding season fast approaching (let's hope the weather improves for all you brides to be out there!) I've been thinking about my wedding ring designs and how you can add a little extra something to the plain and simple band.

How about adding some points of detail to tie in with the engagement ring - maybe using smaller versions of the stones colours or shapes to echo and enhance the design? Or even some engraving or patterns, or a groove running around the outside.

More than ever before people have the choice and the confidence to do something a bit different.

I've attached an image of a beautiful pair of rings I designed a couple of years ago for a client, in 18ct white gold with diamond and emerald stones in both rings. The understated colour of the natural warmth of 18ct white gold balances perfectly with the vibrancy of the emerald.

Valentine's February 06 2013

 Now, most of us think that Valentine's Day is over commercialised, but it doesn't have to be like that!

I quite like celebrating either on a different day (restaurants are less busy for starters!) or simply do something a bit different altogether - it doesn't have to cost much money, just a bit of effort -

Maybe try making a homemade card, or making a nice cake or even a whole meal - something you know your special someone loves.

If all else fails, you can't go wrong by buying a unique gift from a designer maker - at least then you know it's often a one-off and not just something from the high street. 

Happy Valentine's!

Competition to win £200 towards bespoke jewellery! January 28 2013

 With the launch of my new Bespoke collection and Valentine's fast approaching I though I'd celebrate by inviting you to take part in a competition.

When I reach 1000 followers on Twitter I will pick one follower at random to win £200 towards a bespoke piece of jewellery designed and made by myself.

All you need to do is click on the Twitter tab on my website to be in with a chance to win!

Thanks x